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HQK!!: [EVENT #B1] Nervous as hell by koustoki
HQK!!: [EVENT #B1] Nervous as hell

omg i have exams tomorrow and i swear i did the best i could (i will revamp but could you guys accept this one??) This is shurei with her sign up sheet, with her game face on ( she's so nervous cause there were peps who were good as fudge at volleyball
Hakuran Shurei © *Koustoki
Aizawa Yuko © *Kurochineko
Akamatsu Hotaru(-chan) © *Raucherlaches

Amazing Speech held where you're standing now:
Hey GUYYSS!!! 

I have been in this team since I was in my freshman year, and let me tell you going in this team was my most unforgettable experience in my lifetime so far. Volleyball as we all know, isn't Kitagawa Kogou's main focus and pride. Our school has been notorious for it's amazing skills in water sports, being called "diamond-in-the-rough" by many. So, when someone made this volleyball team, it was look down on. Why make a volleyball club for a water-based sports school? However, that doesn't mean we can't play other sports! Look at all of us here, we each have a reason why we chose to join specifically, this volleyball team! We all have our strengths and weakness like all the other teams, so why are we the ones looked down on? Because we're GIRLS? Cause we're from Kitagawa Kogou  I want to show everyone out there in Sapporo, no, JAPAN that we can win this whole thing!!  If you vote for me as your vice-captain, I'll be sure to lead this team ON TOP OF THE INTER-HIGH COMPETITION!!!

omfg omfg omfg spaz kermit spaz kermit spaz kermit Icon #5: Ichigo Hoshimiya Icon #5: Ichigo Hoshimiya 


✼ KEEN (can easily read a person and can comfort him/her)

HQK!!: [EVENT #A1] LATE-LATO-LATO by koustoki
Hakuran Shurei © *Koustoki

I swear i give up on legs and coloring.
Anyways, here's shurei-chi being all late on her first day of school! Since kitagawa kogou's in a place with lots of rice fields i figured I drawed that crappo background there! (i was gonna do the usual cherry blossom thing till a certain someone did it first)

i'm sorry i haven't been active everyone! I'll try my best to rp with ya'll kay?? (midterms are starting guys ;-;)

Art© Me
Hakuran Shurei© Me
Rant rant rant. NEEDED to get this out.

Guys I've been discussing with a friend of mine yes she knows who she is , btw for the trip bring your own food biotch

We both have been checking on who likes food (like, in a gluttonous way or in their l"likes" descriptions, and literally a lot of them is getting out of hand. 
I'm pointing this out because there is my glutton trio and there were only 6 food lovers (I'm sorry for being such a stalker) but literally more than 12 people suddenly started to like food and having a signature dish they usually heat.

Weaknesses , Strengths, Personality Types, Quirks for most haikyuu-ken applicants are repeated even the person in the same team especially for strengths and weakness that lil asshole copied basically everything I had I made that like when I found the group I even needed to add one more thing)</sub>

It'a not cool copying completely. 
Haikyuu-ken: APP ( Hakuran Shurei) by koustoki
Haikyuu-ken: APP ( Hakuran Shurei)

Arashiken Shurei © *Koustoki

Please do not reference, trace or copy my art or for your oc especially if your in my group. Thankyou.

GUYS. if you want to rp with me please make an effort and try to approach me first/ message me first instead of me coming to you. I am getting more than 20 notes from some people saying "hey!! why aren't you talking to me?? didn't u promise to rp with me?? xd" like dude i didn't promise you anything. I am very busy and i have a life, but despite that I check this website regularly so rp-ing with me will be easy, but don't expect me to be active a lot. I'm sorry if this offended anyone but seriously stop doing that, i have a life outside here you know?

you know what? Screw shoes i don't care anymore (re-drawed that shit to many times to care anymore) :iconpapmingcryplz:


Took advice from  :iconvolleyboys: and :iconsharksss: from app checks!!

:iconcannotevenplz:Spaz attack oh no she didn't excited happy Mother of god Squee! 

 ▼  B A S I C S: 

 ▼  N A M E: 

Hakuran Shurei (白嵐 秀麗)

 ▼  N I C K N A M E S:
 Shurei (by * Yuko), Shurei-senpai ( * Hotaru), Rei-chii (* Mura) (let me know if you want to be added~)
G E N D E R: 

A G E:
 ▼  N A T I O N A L I T Y:
 ▼  H E I G H T : 
    168.2 cm | 5 feet 6732 inches
 ▼  W E I G H T :
    53.2 kg | 117 lbs
 ▼ S C H O O L  &  Y E A R:
 Kougawa Koukou 幸川  高校, Second Year 
 ▼ P O S I T I O N   &   N U M B E R:
    Wing Spiker (Ace) , No. 2 (Vice-captain)

▼ S T R E N G T H S:

  >>S P I K I N G :<< Being the Ace, Shurei is a player who speciality lies in spiking. Her quick & sharp reflexes is second to none, and with great accuracy she's a nightmare to blockers.

     >>P R E C I S I O N :<< Playing volleyball from time-to-time and talent she was able to hone her ball-handling skills/technique. Even with a bad set is able to spike the ball, with her frequently scoring killer sets. She has a reputation of being able to spike any ball with grace,speed and accuracy, as this is what makes her stand out.

>>S P E E D : <<Her speed is also one of her major assets as she is able to move around quickly around the court. Mobile around court, she can follow a plan from doing an a quick or a pipe no matter where she is.

>>J U M P I N G : << Her jump is also something that makes her really strong, as she is able to jump at very high distances, increasing to her offense as she can easily spike away from the blockers.  ( being a swimmer before, her legs are very durable, as in swimming she specialized in the dolphin kick and stroke techniques)


>>T E A M W O R K : << What makes her the best ace is that she works very well with her team mates, as she can easily understand people's signs regardless if they give it or not. She can adapt to a situation and follow the team's beat, relying on each member. (Even though she works well with people when it comes to mistakes she 's a real pain)

▼ W E A K N E S S E S:

     >> S T A M I N A: <<Her stamina is her greatest weakness. Even though she has a good endurance, she wastes her energy a lot, making her mobility useless and her offense drops down drastically.

    >>R E C E I V E S:<<She doesn't receive very well, and has trouble in aiming the receive correctly once she hits it,the ball often goes to the back of the court (on 
her team's side) with people having to cover for her frequently, sometimes she even trips just from trying to dig. (Diving in water and diving in court are very different, especially for   her) 

    >>B L O C K I N G:<<She has difficulty in blocking fully, due to the fact that against other girls she has a somewhat small body despite being of average height and being able to jump high (letting her tall 170cm above girls to handle the blocking). Due to that her blocking power is nowhere near as good as her spiking power, and she cannot move around freely around blocking because she has to focus her whole body on one point so she can at least block the opponent's view which frustrates her at times due to her being at the front of the court frequently.

  >>P O W E R<<: Unlike most spikers, Shurei does not boast a high hitting power, not being able to break blocks most of the time. Her hitting power is below "ace" average, despite that she is able to hit a ball quickly, it's just not strong enough to break the defense.

▼ P E R S O N A L I T Y:

         Obstinate Shurei is the type of person who is determined to finish a task till the very end and once she starts something no one can tell her to stop or change her mind.  She hates leaving things half-way and will do anything to finish it. This leads her to act on impulse and her hard-headed mind, ends up making immature decisions (despite having a refine and mature image, it's the complete opposite)
        ▶ Mischievous:  At first glance, you would find shurei someone who adopts a refined and "clean" image, but in reality she is someone who is sharply witty and has a sarcastic sense of humor, often leading her to do childish acts which clashes with her  mature first-impression. She oftens plays pranks on her fellow senpais while working together with her first-years to help her out. She just loves having fun, and since the 3rd years give interesting expressions, so why not?
        ▶  Surprisingly a glutton : She  has a passionate love for food and is a super glutton that loves all kinds of japanese cuisines and bland-flavored food. Take her to a restaurant and expect your wallet to be drained out no matter who you are.
        ▶  WittyShe can be very clever in figuring out secrets or problems, which kind of scares people sometimes (she can use them to blackmail them which she has a couple of times). Ever since she was little she has always been on her own, the more accurate saying is that she has always been the one there for others, so she honed her sharp senses in sensing if someone's sad or ignorant. 
        ▶  Private :  Her cool and lone demeanor often forces her to hide her personal troubles, even amongst her friends and family. She rarely opens up her heart, and has difficulty making friends.  She finds it hard for people to actually comfort her simply because she's always the one who's helping others, but barely anyone comforts
        ▶  Keen/Sharp : Her reflexes are top notch, and she can be quick on the  uptake and can learn things fast, with her also noticing sudden movements, changes or if someone is trying to tell a lie or how they feel. She has a nack for learning what people really are and their preferences due to her disposition of someone who is always there for someone when young, so she slowly starts to understand certain emotions. Plus she's always had sharp reflexes and quick on her feet and mind, so it's accurate describing her as "sharp".
        ▶  Sarcastic: Her sarcastic sense of humor often leads others to describe her as someone with a "sharp tongue" and can make jokes which would be painstaking to hear, because they are so truthful it hurts sometimes just to know what she's joking       about. 
        ▶  Precise : She can be very accurate with her guesses, which helps her witty nature as well into figuring and knowing certain things. Her way of handling things could be considered someone who's a perfectionist, so she using her natural talent and training tries to be nearly perfectly precise in anything, resulting in her signature, accurate moves in volleyball.
        ▶  Vulnerable :  Despite being described as someone who's got an iron will, people's taunts can easily get to her, especially when she lets others get affected by these taunts or get in it in some way. She's always had a really vulnerable disposition. She can be easily active and excited for things, but her own insecurities make her worried about her actions in the future and how it affects others.
        ▶  Willful but Calm: Teases and Taunts will get to her, but her unusually calm disposition allows her to keep her cool despite in a crisis. So, threats do not deteriorate her game style, rather, make her come back twice as strong. She does not want anything nor gain anything, but doesn't want to lose or win during serious times like these it's really hard to beat her cause she's just there to achieve her goal and no one's stopping her.
        ▶  Short-tempered: Mistakes others make or anything that might agitate her she quickly, impulsively acts on her own and makes rash decisions.

▼ A B O U T   H E R:

        Shurei is the 2nd child from a family of 5, who owned a well-known ramen restaurant known throughout the prefecture. Ever since she was little she was always fascinated with cooking and will one day hope to take over the family business. Shurei was always really close with most of her family members, and especially her grandfather, who she loves visiting.

        Her grandfather owns a cultural center, so ever since Shurei was small she's been into various amounts of sports (such as ping-pong, swimming,volleyball,etc.) but out of all of them, she loved swimming and volleyball the most. Her grandmother (from her mother's side) found out about her passion for swimming and desperately wanted Shurei to explore more of swimming (since she used to join the swimming team and wanted shurei to be raised as her own). Her grandmother recommended that she would take swimming lessons. At first Shurei was hesitant, but her grandfather gave her an extra little push, so Shurei decided to try it. In the end she grew very fond of swimming, but things change.When people started to scout her she slowly started to lose her love for swimming, because she had to stress out about seriously winning and extreme training regimes instead of enjoying it. 

     Shurei tried to keep swimming by joining a public school far away and unknown to most of her classmates so most of her current scouters would have a difficult time trying to find her, or so she thought. Scouters from other areas quickly found her, with her previous ones finding her again, over-stressing her to the point that she once didn't want to go to school at all. Then, one day, when Shurei was walking near the gyms heading to the swimming pool for practice, she saw a bunch of girls practicing volleyball. It was the sport she always loved which was tied with swimming. She remembered the exhilarating feeling when she spiked that ball, it's as if she jumped out of the water and got whisked away by the wind. She always had a passion for volleyball when she was little but never really explored it.

     She kept spying on them as she watched them practiced until someone caught her peeping on them, someone in the same class as her, Yuko. Yuko called Shurei in and asked her for an explanation  cause it was weird that she was spying on them and she's part of the swim team, plus yuko is very direct.Shurei told them about how she's interested in volleyball and they decided to let her practice with them (they were short of players) only to find out that she was a natural and very talented at spiking. Shurei loved the support and taking part in teamwork in contrast to swimming which is more of a solo act.  They asked her if she had played for a volleyball team in middle school when she replied that she has only partake the sport at her grandfather's cultural center from time-to-time. Impressed, the team asks her to try applying for the team by Spring, and ever since then Shurei kept practicing at the cultural center, dedicating her time for practicing and got help from her grandfather, who was a former volleyball coach. After all that hard work and intense training, she finally got in (in this part she just started her first year of high school). Ever since then, Yuko and Shurei became best friends and Hotaru followed once entering the school, they quickly bonded because of their close connections. She finally felt they like her for who she really is and the found out they have a love for food plus their connections to each other and became the super glutton trio.

▼ L I K E S:

        ▶  Food (ramen in particular)
        ▶  Kung Fu Sun Bear, a Trilogy about a Rad Sun Bear (named Kudo) in a search of his Mother's father's cousin's uncle's stepmom's brother's father's sister's grandpa's janitor. It's super intense
        ▶  People who she finds interesting
        ▶  Sports, particularly volleyball and swimming
        ▶  Loves dogs and cats but is very tsundere about it.
        ▶  Music (particularly rock and indie) 
        ▶  Old Disney TV shows (especially That's So Raven)
        ▶  Cooking with her Mother and Father.
        ▶   Short boys or boys shorter than her, has a little brother complex
        ▶  Travelling by boat
        ▶  Hiking to super-high mountains just to see the view

▼ D I S L I K E S:

        ▶  Snooty, Pompous Girls who love to gossip non-stop
        ▶  Kae-Whon-Sun, Sun Bear's Evil Sister who took his ramen in the first movie. she was never seen again tho.
        ▶  Her Grandma (from her mother's side). Her grandmother is trying to get her to be a powerful doctor just like her.
        ▶  Dramatic Soap Operas with super cheesy love-lines
        ▶  People trying to scout her for swimming
        ▶  Politicians 
        ▶  Strawberries and Grapefruit, or anything Sour
        ▶  Those who hate ramen and food
        ▶  Anyone who wears polka-dots. I don't know why, she just hates polka-dots.
        ▶  Worms and Boogers combined

Additional Information: 
  • - She hides her long hair in a bun covered by her short hime cuts. She had to keep it long for family and formal event reasons (forced by her mom to do this or else she can't swim or play volley anymore.)
  • - She hates and has an intense fear of boogers and worms ever since some has pulled a prank on her during camp where she accidentally puts her whole hand into a bucket mashed into boogers and worms and she fell on it right on the face. (it was meant to be a prank for someone else)
  • - Her C.V. is Megumi Han (kid & pre-teen) and Mizuki Nana !!
  • - Has a weird habit of kicking the wall when she's happy.
  • - Her favorite color is royal blue 
  • - She hates peppermint and strawberries. 
  • - She has a well-built figure but looks normal and looks skinny.
  • - always uses honorfics due to strict upbringing.
  • - Won teenage japan ninja warrior once. 
  • - Kicked someone in the balls twice cause they tried to eat her ramen. (never again)

◆ III. R E L A T I O N S H I P S
    • :iconkurochineko: 
    • Yuko, Her bestfriend in the same grade level and school. They have been friends since they joined the volleyball team. Both share passionate love for food and is part of a so-called glutton trio with Hotaru.
    •  :iconraeucherlachs: 
    • Hotaru, Her kouhai bestie in the same school. Been friends since they were little due to their parents being business partners. Part of the glutton trio with Yuko.
    • :iconmi-neee: & :icontoushikiseto: 
    • Childhood besties and a trio during preschool and elementary. Shurei was mistaken to be a boy due to her short hair, way of dressing and dynamic personality, calling Shurei "Shu-kun" while Kou and Mura are very reserved but they became close. Once Kou found out that Shurei was a girl he started to quickly distance himself away from the group. Mura started to call Shurei "Rei-chi" while they were still in contact and close to one another. However, at the end of elementary they all went to different middle schools.
    • :iconmr-puffpuff: A teammate within the volleyball team. They are fairly good friends who get along with each other quite well.
    • :iconijuwaruu: (in progress)
    • :icon0tako: (in progress)


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